Take the time to reconnect with your Angels

 Many people have experienced deep relaxation, healing and bliss by making a connection with the Angels.  Even if you are not sure what your beliefs are you can benefit from sitting quietly and asking for guidance or assistance. 

Do not be concerned that perhaps you do not deserve their assistance and healing, they do not judge you so do not judge yourself. 

Life is a series of lessons and you may feel that some of them have been harsh.  It can be difficult sometimes to see the benefits of some of the lessons we have had but if you relax and take time to think about it I am sure you can find some good that has come from whatever you have experienced, it may be that you can share or have been sharing with others what you have learned.

Angels have been there for you, you may not have noticed or you may have felt that such unconditional loving beings do not exist.  If you think a little you may remember an occasion when things turned out better than expected or you had a "narrow escape".  Perhaps that was when the Angels stepped in.  Sometimes we expect a certain outcome and may even ask for their help and then assume they did not hear or help us if it does not come about.  That can happen because we do not see the bigger picture and sometimes what we asked for is not for our greater good.

If you feel a deep need for healing or inner peace, relax and ask for the Angels to be with you and bring about the healing that you need.

Below there is a guided meditation CD designed to assist you to reconnect with your Angels.  I say re-connect because we are never really separate we are just under the impression we are.



Archangelic Meditation CD (by Kim Fraser & Geoffrey Russell) Come on a journey with archangelic help from Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel.  Awaken to self love and inner peace.

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Visit us again soon and keep in touch with what it is you need to know at any given time.

Be at peace you are not alone and you are loved.

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